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Hot Shield® HS-4 FR Housing for Sundstrom Respirator SR-100


 See how the Sundstrom SR-100 can protect against viruses and can be easily   decontaminated.


The Hot Shield Model HS-4 Respirator and Face Protector Housing is designed to

house and protect the Sundstrom brand respirator, model SR-100. This Hot Shield housing does more than that…it protects your face and neck just like our popular HS-2 model! The HS-4 is constructed of CarbonX materials, the only inherently nonflammable and most thermally resistant fabric in the world today.


The HS-4 combined with the Sundstrom SR-100 Half Face Respirator has been designed for any and all workers who desire heat & flame protection for their face & neck yet must wear a fit test capable silicone half face respirator. Outside of a positive pressure breathing apparatus, this is a very comfortable and highly protective alternative!

The SR-100 by Sundstrom respirator is a air purifying half-face cartridge style respirator that carries NIOSH approvals for specific levels of gases, vapors and/or particulates when equipped with the appropriate chemical cartridge and/or particulate filter. The SR-100 is designed to provide exceptional safety and breathability for long periods of time. 

The Sundstrom SR-100 provides a high degree of filtration, yet has easy air exchange due to twin exhalation valves. The body is made of high grade soft & flexible silicone which stays dimensionally stable and harmless to the skin. Hot Shields HS-4 Housing does not interfere with the mask fit to the face (no fabric between you and the respirator itself) which allows for quantifiable fit testing of individuals, should that be desired or required.


The new HS-4 "COMBO" is available and can be ordered through our fire equipment dealers. This "combo" will give you the three (3) products shown here right side of this page; The HS-4, the WC-1 carry pouch and of course, the Sundstrom SR-100 First Responders Wildland Kit. This kit contains every component you need, that along with the HS-4, will provide you with the best APR (air purifying respirator) you can possibly obtain. 

Suggested Retail $88 for the HS-4 only. (Must have your own Sundstrom SR-100)

Suggested Retail $165.00 for the HS-4 COMBO which includes the Sundstrom SR-100, the HS-4 & the Web Case WC-1 carry pouch. 


 Click on this PDF icon         to view or download the complete HS-4 Data Sheet 

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Hot Shield HS-4 FR Housing for the Sundstrom Respirator SR-100

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Virus Protection!

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