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Hot Shield® Model HS-5

Hot Shield® HS-5

Hot Shield® Model HS-5 is an extremely heat & flame resistant respirator housing for the Drager Xplore 3500 Half Face Respirator. The HS-5 has been designed for firefighters in wildland/brush firefighting operations, yet will work in any thermal challenging environment. The HS-5 is constructed of CarbonX®, the only inherently nonflammable fabric in the world.  This combination offers a high degree of filtration, the ability to fit test individuals and extremely efficient air exchange.  You can purchase individually or both items together as a kit. This combo is small and very light; a real plus for wildland firefighters who have to carry so many items these days.

Suggested Retail: About $87.50 for the HS-5 alone and about $60 for the Drager Xplore 3500

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