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Virus Protection!



We are firefighters who invented the Hot Shield mask back in 1993 after the California Firestorms made us re-think our PPE. We saw the damage done to several local firefighters who were overrun, suffering severe burns to their faces. So right then we made it our mission to create a legit wildfire face mask that could stand up to the flames of a blowtorch.

We've sold thousands of Hot Shields, of all different models & the Hot Shield is still the best protection you can get for wildland firefighting. Check out the different models above to see which one is right for you. Then read our data sheets. If you still have a question give us a call or shoot us an email and we will help answer your questions regarding our masks and the entire issue of wildland face & respiratory protection. We stand behind our masks 100%.


CLICK HERE to send us your ACTION shots (not posed please). We will pay you at LEAST $50! Simply attach your high-quality photos and we will give $50 for every shot we are able to use!!
We would love to hear how Hot Shield Masks are making an impact in your life. CLICK HERE to email your experiences with your Hot Shield Mask so we can share it within our ever-growing Hot Sheld Community. Thank You!
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