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Hot Shield® HS-5


The HOT SHIELD HS-5 is a heat resistant Respirator Protector Housing exclusively designed to fit the Drager brand half face respirator Model Xplore 3500.


The HS-5 protects the user and the respirator, providing a primary benefit of a high degree of thermal protection to face & neck areas that cannot be achieved using only the respirator. The HS-5 was designed by firefighters for wildland firefighting, but has found application in other industries utilizing this particular model respirator. The combination of the HS-5 housing with the Drager Xplore 3500 provides an individual with thermal protection to both face & respirator while the individual uses the Explore 3500 for respiratory protection.


The HS-5 does not interfere with the sealing surfaces nor block the inhalation or exhalation valves of the Drager Xplore 3500, therefore allowing for “fit testing” of the respirator if desired. The HS-5 has reflective trim on both sides for enhanced nighttime visibility. Fastens behind the neck using hook and loop fasteners.This combination offers a high degree of filtration, the ability to fit test individuals and extremely efficient air exchange.  


This "combo" is small and very light; a real plus for wildland firefighters who have to carry so many items these days. Hot Shield USA makes the HS-5; we do NOT sell the Drager Xplore 3500. You must purchase it from any number of Drager dealers. 


Suggested Retail: About $88 for the HS-5 alone. The Drager Xplore 3500 price can vary widely (Amazon sells it for as much as $61.00).


Click on this PDF icon          to view or download the complete HS-5 Data Sheet.

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